When my son was first diagnosed, we felt lost in a system where very little of his therapy was explained to us and he was literally behind closed doors with a host of interventionists and consultants that we knew nothing about. It was an alienating experience for all of us. Not only was my son in the dark about his autism, but we were too.

Nicole and the specialists at Achieve changed all that.

All of my son’s appointments are done in our home where he is most comfortable and we can be a part of what is happening. Nicole has involved us every step of the way and has been available both off hours and on for any questions or concerns that I might have. She has been an advocate at school, helping to keep the lines of communication between his support staff in the class open and ensuring that my son is receiving help consistent with our goals at home.

I have seen massive changes for the better in my son since Nicole has come into our lives. All the s confusion that we felt in the past has diminished and now we see autism not as some insurmountable condition, but something that is not only manageable, but one of the many aspects that makes our son the unique, wonderful boy he is. My decision to contact Achieve is one of the best I’ve made for my son and my family. Nicole is absolutely invaluable.

Our team is here to provide caring and consistent support to your family.







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